Stumbling along

Blogville. It’s been too long. I’m sorry I’ve been elusive. Well, actually, I haven’t just been elusive. I’ve been a hermit.

But I’m trying to put myself out there more. I know that what I’ve learned from my struggles will lighten the burden for others. I need to share my story.

What about you? You might think you don’t have a story to tell but we’ve all been through some shit. We’ve all learned from mistakes we’ve made. Even if we made them a million times first before we saw the light. We all have learned a lesson somewhere along our path.

By sharing our stories, we make space for other people to grow even more. To side step the obstacle that knocked us down and evolve even more. And we need to learn from others too. We don’t need to stumble all over the place. And speaking for myself, I really need to start learning from my own mistakes.

I wonder why we have the hardest time with that? Why we forget the pain and challenges we went through and go down the same path again. Only to feel the same pain and crash into the same challenges, over and over again.

I’ve been working on writing my story for about 12 years now. Maybe 13. I’ve been reading it over time and time again, making little edits. Wanting it to be perfect. But my story shines a giant spotlight on the fact that I’ve had the same struggles for decades now. Decades. What will it take for me to evolve too?Monsoon puddles





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