I live in the hills of the US Southwest.  In the past 12 years or so, I’ve lived a lot of places.  But I finally found somewhere that feels good.  And I think it’s because the doctors got my meds going pretty good.

I’m bipolar, an addict and on a mission for Dapperdom.  Or just Sanity will work as well.  Dapperdom, in case you’re not familiar with the word, is the Art of Being Dapper.  I have a whole Dapper Program and I’ve been working it since 2009.

I’m night and day of who I used to be.  I mean, I made cookies the other day.  If you don’t know me, you’re surely not impressed.  But hopefully, as you get to know me, you Will be impressed.

I’m writing this because I’d like to help others out there like me, or like the old me.  You know, you grow a brand new body practically every couple months.  Brand new pieces.  So, yeah, the old me…not me today, all Dapper and shit!  I hope we can grow Dapper together…a little sappy, I know, work with me, I’m new at this…


38 thoughts on “About

  1. I used to be an experiment with sanity. Then I gave up, and realized this is part of who I am. Its amazing what you can do when you accept your “interestingness.” I have achieved what I like a stable madness. I know I will never be who I was before the Diagnosis, and the meds, but I can be who I am now. And, that includes accepting “madness.” I like the description of your blog….. I support your journey to “dapperdom.” Each day is a new adventure!

      • “Stable” madness does make life interesting, and when the unstable madness surfaces, life can get real interesting real fast. But, being called “weird” imho is a definitely a compliment. Who wants to be “normal”? That would be boring 🙂

  2. Thanks for the follow. The BEST to you in 2013. 2013 is going to grand year! Take advantage of opportunities that will come to you for the BEST you. Carpe Diem!!!!

  3. Thank you so much for following my. I hope I will write something that you will find interesting. Thoughts and comments are always welcomed. Blessings~David

  4. Thanks for deciding to follow “Ben Naga”. I hope you find things you enjoy. And don’t forget there’s always “Random Post” if there’s nothing new. 🙂

  5. Hi,
    Did I ask you for your name yet? I don’t remember if I already did and lost your reply. Anyway, can you give me a name to call you by? Any name will do.
    robin claire

  6. I call myself the dapper don on a website called Viddy ! I’m still Freddiej there but my secondary name and how I often describe myself is with the title stolen from John gotti 😄😄

    • Ok, I have to admit this…the raw honesty thing. I bought a generic G.I. Joe toy a while back…and named him Dapper Don. He rides around on my dashboard…Whenever I need some extra oomph I may or may not even carry him around with me in my purse…dapperdom is some powerful shit! Love it.

  7. thank you for checking out my blog. If you’ve read my posts you know that I am having issues with “behavioral therapy.” Dapperdom sounds pretty interesting but maybe only useful for hypomania? Right now I am super depressed and whenever I try anything “dapper,” everyone craps on me.

    • Depression is the hardest thing for, I’d imagine, most people to deal with. Other people think we need to just snap out of it. My favorite is this guy who gave me this article to read about this woman who has had an insanely difficult life yet remained positive. He said, “See? She’s the one that should be depressed.” Only helped make me more depressed.

      I made this little list of my “Depressed Do List”. Mindless activities that I could engage in. Unsubscribe from junk email lists. Shred papers. Having this feels like a safety net, since, of course, depression can be lifted when engaged in activities. Perfect, right? Just when we want to do nothing, we’re supposed to do something? Maybe a Dapper thing to do would create your own list…when you get around to it.

  8. Have no idea what the hell Dapper is, but I AM impressed that you baked freaking cookies. The mere idea of baking anything terrifies me. Maybe it’s because my mother is like a master baker and I have major mother issues, but ovens … flour … mixing bowls … oh no. Already impressed. Glad you’re doing so well with your Dapper thing. Curious to know what that is. Dapper to me – I’m English even though I don’t sound (write) like it means like smart and elegant, but in old-fashioned English. I’m guessing that’s not what you mean?

    • You’re spot on with the technical definition. But I see dapperdom (yes, not a real word) as the art of being dapper on both the inside and outside. And dapperdom often requires us to move out of our comfort zone. Perhaps you should try baking potatoes. Hey, they call it baking. Or try some cookies yourself and fuck it if they burn, you baked. And when you turn the smoke detector off and assure your neighbors their safe you can sit back and revel in your dapperdom!!

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