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  1. I’m sorry you have bi-polar disorder. I’ve known a few people that have that disorder and they have a very difficult time. Do you get counseling for that or just meds? My diagnosis, Dissociative Identity Disorder, is also pretty hard to deal with. I think writing about our mental problems is very therapeutic, don’t you? Thank you for following itsmindbloggleing.

    • I’m honestly not sorry but thank you for your kindness. I try and see everything, including bipolar, as a blessing. I wouldn’t be nearly as interesting if I wasn’t! Sane people are kind of boring, you’ve got to admit. Who comes up with all the great ideas, masterpieces, and interesting perspectives?

      I have been LOVING writing about it. And now? To find you and so many others out there who truly get what it’s like, honestly it’s been like I found this cruise liner coasting thru the water when I’d been in a rinky dink sail boat. Now I get to sail life’s seas in style! I am forever grateful, xo

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