Is it possible to be connected and disconnected?

Now that I live in the boondocks, I don’t talk to many people.  Some days, no one at all.  I need to reach out to you, the world wide web crawlers.  My dog isn’t the best conversationalist and I’ve been trying to scale back the talks we already do have.  So now it’s like I’m entering this new force, this new consciousness, this connected yet so far apart thing.  I must admit, I’m more than a little intimidated.


It’s silly that I am so nervous about the inter web.  I used to be a chat room junkie when I was a teenager.  I loved how you could always find someone to chat with about whatever you felt like chatting about!!  I pretty much only wanted to talk about drugs.  Now, I don’t know what to say.  I’m also being torn by a concept clash.


I am a self professed tree hugger.  In fact, I hugged a tree a few days ago, literally hugged it.  I read a book on energy sources and according to the author, trees are like a nuclear power plant of love energy. They are.  Go hug a tree.  Press your chest up against the rough bark, slip your fingers gently around the tree, lean your face against the tree and feel the tree against your cheek.  Against your finger tips.  And against your heart.  Pretty powerful stuff, that tree huggin’ is.  I get off track easy…So the torn thing, right?


On one hand I’m consciously moving myself to live with less impact on the planet.  I know that every bit helps and it’s all about being present.  I want to set up a compost and do it all.  I’ve lived in cities and towns, and always right downtown.  Now?  Middle of nowhere.  I got land.  I got room.  Bring it. On the other hand, my current stumbling block, is learning how to incorporate and act on the inter web.  That’s what they call it, right?  Just teasing.  But I know there’s an etiquette to it all and I need to learn it.  I guess I just need to spend more time in front of my laptop.


Laptop.  Nature.  iPhone. Compost.  I guess I should just realize that now, the world is on the web.  To be of service, you must be where the people are.  I am making a conscious effort to accept the fate that I must visit this web, crawl this web, and inhale this web.  I only recently realized the beauty of social media. It’s about the collective, the group.  That the world all chips in what they know about something, what they experienced somewhere and so much more is mind boggling.  In some religions, they believe the next Buddha or Mohammed will be a group, not an individual.  Between the members of the group, their consciousness will be raised to a level unavailable as an individual.  It is only through the power of all the minds dialed in together on the same mission, same goal, same thought pattern that makes a super brain from the many.


So listen up, Inter Web.  I see you.  I see what your about.  And I’m liking what I’m seeing.  I’m really liking what I’m seeing.  I see this as a new relationship, and damn if I don’t see my  future babies in your eyes!  Oh Snap!


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