We’ve evolved beyond hate

In my new fabulous apartment, with 10 ft. ceilings and utilities included, I live in downtown Boonieville.  The post office is a five minute stroll from the house.  I have a P.O. Box there so today I thought I’d pay it a visit.

This would be the third time I walked there, with the dog of course.  As we go up the hill to the highway, there’s three dogs that live to our left.  One is a cattle dog, the kind that spins in circles when they’re all fired up.   Then there’s two others that look the same but one’s just a smaller version of the other d-o-g.  I don’t know what kind of dogs they are but they’ve slobbery looking lips and gums and are built rock solid, big guy’s easily over 100 lbs. Short light brown fur.

The dogs make a huge ruckus and my Pup just strolls along with me, all chill and nonchalant.  We get to the highway, I put the Pup’s leash on and we pass the front entrance of the three dogs estate.  The gates are open, but the dogs know our scent by now and know we’re heading to the P.O.  The dogs barrel down a hill into the arroyo and I cross a bridge, usually jogging since it puts the Pup and I closer to the semi’s, etc. traveling through these hills and valleys.

I take the leash off the Pup, stroll through the parking lot and into the P.O.  I have some magazines, a book and some vistaprint shwag.  No bills!  Hah!  How cool is that?  In Pup form, she’s sitting at the door waiting eagerly for my return.  Slightly bummed about having to haul all the former tree product back to the casa, I decide to figure it can build some muscle.

We cross the bridge again and this time walking past the front open gate, the cattle dog is sleeking along behind us slowly gaining.  It seemed friendly enough, just curious about the Pup.  Well, no, that bitch wasn’t curious.  She was mean!  She bit the Pup on her leg, I yelled at the bitch and we went on our way.  The Pup was quite shaken.  I was annoyed.

But then I started thinking.  I bet she’s a bitch and those other too big goofy dogs are boys.  And my Pup is a bitch, to be technical.  I bet she only bit her because bitchs do that.

Back when we lived in Lake Tahoe, a friend, his new girlfriend, myself and all of our dogs went down to the beach.  My Pup ran in the water and then got all fired up just like she always does when wet.   She came barreling up to the rest of us and this Rottweiler bitch reached out and bit her.  14 stiches.  The other dog was a boy who my Pup actually lived with for a few months and had been on many walks with.   The Rotty got jealous and took a filet of my dog out.  Seriously, it was like she fileted her.  No blood came out at all.   She just had a big hole in her side.

Point of all these bitch tales as that bitches across species have been hating for so long.  It’s time to change that.  Ladies, we need to realize we’re all sisters.  If we work together we can create so much more.  Ladies bring so much to the table but some, you can just feel the vibe,; hate.  And what a sad state to live in hate.  For certainly what you see is what you get.  See hate?  Get hate.  See Love?  Get Love.

It’s so simple.  Taking one moment to breathe, center yourself, feel your energy pulsing through you.  Realize that energy is truly limitless so share your energy with others in need and refuel through whatever refuels you.  Nature does it for me.  Also remembering that energy is flowing out of the earth all the time and I can just dial in whenever I want.  Realize we have advanced to humans to be above dogs and other simple minded creatures.  Hate is useless.  Love is priceless.


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