Magic of Music when Emotions run Deep



I’ve recently realized I could play my CD’s on the DVD player.  I mean, I knew you could do that, I just didn’t think to do it.  I remember my first little tape player.  That gives up your generation, I guess, by what you grew up with.  Martika, “Toy Soldier” was my straight up jam. 


I got a little red tape deck for Christmas or my birthday when I was young.  Over the years, for Christmas or my birthday I got pieces to a pretty nice stereo system.  I even had a CD burner when they first came out.  Not that I support that now.  The Artist worked hard, I get it.  I want to be an Artist when I grow up.  It’s disrespectful to burn. 


But back then, back when I just didn’t give a shit, I burnt a ridiculous amount of CDs.  I’d go to the library and rent CDs and burn ‘em.  I’d borrow friends CD books and burn ‘em.  I amassed a collection.  No real idea how many.  They live in 2 giant cases that when I haul around I focus on my muscles being used.  That’s what you should do when working out, and that’s what moving them is like to me.  I was a DJ at a community college radio station for a little over a year.  I loved it.  Picking music for people to enjoy?  Awesome, right?  


A few years back I was dating this guy all my friends knew as FEB.  My Future Ex Boyfriend.  I just kept him around because the sex was good enough and he did, and probably still does, well for himself.  I have expensive taste and there were just so many good restaurants in town!  He bought me an iPod for Christmas.  It couldn’t come close to holding the amount of music I have, but I put on, 5 years ago, a portion of my CDs.  Been listening to it ever since.  


I’ve moved a lot over the years.  The stereo was disassembled slowly and pieces sold off in various towns.  Haven’t had anything besides my laptop to play CDs on.  DVD player is new.  My sugar daddy insisted I have a TV and DVD player for him to watch stuff.  Now I sometimes watch stuff.  Apple TV and Netflix are awesome.  Check out the combo.  I pay $8/mo for TV.  I can rent current things and pay more, or I can watch all of Netflix thru the internet.  But now?  Now I listen to CDs on my TV & DVD. 


How powerful is music that it doesn’t just suck you right back to when you loved that song or that was popular or when that went down.  I still remember an acid trip I was on, Grateful Dead “Unbroken Chain” playing in the Ford Explorer…and then we crashed.  I’ll never forget hearing that song and that scene.  Well, Ok, I will forget.  I will get old.  And I guess I’ll see that at the end of it all, it doesn’t fucking matter. 


What matters?  You.  You got to put your oxygen mask on before you help others.  If your like me, you just know that certain people close to you need your help.  How could they get by and survive if you didn’t watch over them?  Seriously?  Oh wait.  They’ve been kind of doing it by themselves for sometime?  And I’m a hot mess?  Let’s look at ourselves. 


Am I being the best that I can be?  Am I reviewing what I’m grateful for?  Am I laughing?  Am I making others laugh?  Am I here Now?  Do I know where I’m going?  All right then, let’s get on with it! 


Be Dapper Blogville,


B. Wright   


6 thoughts on “Magic of Music when Emotions run Deep

    • I forget that though, how powerful music is. Your spot on about bringing sanity. I work from home a lot and when I forget to put the music on, the gerbils, the gerbils!! They just get all fired up! And then music comes…and makes it that much easier to handle. Dapper on Mr. Fancy Pants!

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