Feng Shui Your Way to a Better Day; Part Uno



Peaceful days in the Jemez Mountains, NM

In honor of Chinese New Year, I’m going to talk about Feng Shui.  In my quest of self-betterment I’ve maintained the attitude that if something has been around a long time, it’s got serious street cred with me.   

Like Acupuncture.  If you’ve never tried it, make an appointment today.  But not just one.  You need a to do a couple sessions in a row to see some drastic improvement on whatever it is that may ail you. 

Let’s get to business.  Feng Shui.  Your home, your office, your desk, any area that you habitat can be “shui-d”.  For impact purposes, choose an area you spend a lot of time in.  Or if you’re like me, go big or go home, do your whole house.  First things first, we need to draw a baqua map of your space.  It’s not too hard, don’t worry.    

First, jump out of your body and look at the space from above with a nice aerial perspective.  Ok, now come on back to your body and sketch the outline of the space.  Draw it with the entrance or front of the space at the bottom of the page and the back goes to the top of the page. 

Next, draw a perfect square around the outline, sharing the same line as the outline when appropriate.  Hang in there; we’re almost done, I promise.   

Within your square and right overtop of the outline of the space, draw a tic-tac-toe board so that now you have 9 equal segments within the square.   Each square represents a different zone.  Let’s label them.

Starting from bottom left corner and working our way clockwise:

Knowledge and Self Cultivation (K&SC)

Health and Family (H&F)

Wealth and Prosperity (W&P)

Fame and Reputation (F&R)

Love and Marriage (L&M)

Children and Creativity (C&C)

Helpful People and Travel (HP&T)

Career (C)

Center (goes in the center…)

So just to check you identified the areas properly, W&P is top left corner.  HP&T is bottom right corner.  Does it all match up?  Great!  Let’s keep going!

Are there any areas of your space that don’t go all the way to the square outline?  Maybe they’re outdoors, or for me, in a different apartment?  This is important. 

If possible, you must ground the corners of the baqua map.  Perhaps bury a crystal at the point, or do something ceremonial recognizing that space as part of your “shui-dom”, or kingdom, whatever you call your space.  I like Dapperdom.   

Draw in doors, windows, toilets, water drains, stairs and walls.  Now, get a compass, “they have an app for that”, and find north.  Mark your baqua map with all the cardinal directions, including the mix-breeds, SW, NE, etc.

Ok, there it is.  Your own personal baqua map.  I’m going to do a series of these, hence the “Part” part (hehe, had to do it).  Maybe you should redraw it so it’s legible and since now you know what needs to go where.   This little map will be a major part of our shui-ing of your space.  Make it nice. 

All right Dapperville, till the next time…Keep it real, keep it Dapper. 

-B. Wright         


May the Dapper Force Be with You



I just want to start off by saying how blown away I am that people from all over the world are reading this.  I mean, I get it’s called the world wide web, I guess I just forget.  How magical the power we have, all united?  I feel like there’s so much we can achieve together. 


You know, our bodies are just a shell.  Inside of you is this thing called your soul.  Some people don’t even know it’s there!  But if you sit real still you can dial in and connect your soul to the ever abundant energy forces all around us.  Energy radiates up out of the earth into our bodies and it shines down on us from up in the heavens above.  We’re hit from the sides by our fellow travelers and foliage.  We’re blanketed with energy, yet we forgot.  It’s ok.  But now we remember. 


We don’t need to suck energy from other people.  We don’t need to suck energy from excessive caffeine.  We have all the energy we need already, of course! 


Now that you’re dialed in, know that others around the globe, including myself, will use that line.  We can connect, leave our bodies behind for a little while, and come play in the sky.  Soar, skip and dip through your world, unfettered by your cumbersome body.  It’s one of my favorite things to do, to leave my body behind and soar.  This is new to me.  I only just started.  And I always forget.  Let’s make a pledge to do it more often.  You can do it too…of course. 


How light we are!  Just energy pulsing around!  Zipping and dipping, buzzing and…fuzzing?  So all of you glorious fine souls pulsing the same love energy that we are all made of, come join me.  I’ve been lonely in Booniesville.  I’m going to host a soiree. 


Please do attend.  You know where I live.  You know everything.  I’m hosting a gathering of all those walking the path towards dapperdom.  Noon MST, this Sunday.  No need to bring anything but your soul, we have everything we need…of course! 


Oh how fabulous it will be!  To unwind our limbs that have curled in the wrong direction, line our energy up and be all dapper and shit.  Realize that when we join our souls like this, we are a force in the universe. 


A force for dapperdom.  As our energy pulses stronger and stronger with the deeper ties we make along this path toward dapperdom, our energy begins to radiate out, blind siding and beaming onto unsuspecting souls that are near us.  When these sad souls see the joy and bliss we radiate out and damn, just how dapper we look all the way thru to our core!  Why, those poor souls will rise up, inspired by our delight with life and they too will grow our force even stronger by following our path.  Diesel.  We’re a diesel force for dapperdom. 


I’m not going to say walking this path is easy.  Shit no.  It takes concerted effort with every single breath you take!  Let a few breaths pass and your mind has already run to the past or the future.  It’s not here, Now.  Back to the breaths.  Back to the Now.  Back to the breaths.  Back to the Now. 


It really is quite a lot of work to be present minded, and of course, dapperdom requires one to be fully present minded and linked in to the energy around one and if need be, takes in energy, but NEVER from another person, lest it be positive and given to us.  One can use the soles of one’s feet to draw energy up and through one and out the heart chakra.  Drop a love bomb on the room.  It’s a lot of fun to watch it explode amongst the recipients and the rush when the force is united.  The love, the connection that is felt.  Until the next breath. 


May the Dapper Force always have your back,


B. Wright


PS: I just googled “love bomb” to find a nice picture of a heart as a bomb, or some shit, and I guess it’s a cult thing.  Love bomb is how you lure members into your cult.  Shit, my gig is up.  I was aiming towards world domination, wooohahahah!!  But on a serious note, I think we should steal the word back and make “Love Bomb” a positive thing…damn cults, fucking everything up, as usual. 

Believe Pain is a thing of the Past


Pain is a huge factor in self-medication.  Emotional pain, you have to work through.  No way around it.  Physical pain can be removed.  This is pretty obvious, but we’d all be shocked how many out there do nothing about pain.  They just accept and move on.  Deal with it every day instead of intensely for a period until it is resolved.  Often times a pain somewhere can be treated. 


I grew up with scoliosis, a crooked spine.  It was in my hips so you couldn’t tell but it was about 25-30 degrees tilted with a rotary aspect.  I learned about it by happenstance in a clinic in the Carolinas.  Most of my life has been spent making drinks, serving food, and hustling to make that money.  Well, scoliosis and kegs don’t mix well.  I used to have daily chronic pain in my lower back, where my main curvature was.  To look back and see how long it took me to get better is shocking.  Why I just dealt with it is beyond me.  But I think a lot of people do.  We’re told life is hard, you have to struggle and so we do.  We struggle to go beyond our small bubble consumed with an omnipresent aura of pain. 


But you say your pain isn’t curable?  I heard a man speak who fell from the sky and crashed a plane.  He was a vegetable.  All he could do was blink his eyes.  The docs said no hope.  But he had his mind, sharp as it ever was.  He made up his mind he would walk out of that hospital by Christmas.  So in no more than a year, a man rebuilt his crumpled smashed body back to life, walking and talking and most important of all, living in a much better state of being.  All you have to do is believe. 


I got an x-ray to see how my spine was crooked about 8 years after learning I had scoliosis and living in pain for most of that time.  I saw and understood how I could correct the curvature.  I continue to correct myself, especially when I’m tired.  I just completely slump over.  But in doing this, I get compliments on my posture.  I even grew just under an inch. 


I also have been getting Rolfed.  Rolfing is structural integration, which realigns your body if it is out of whack.  If you, or someone you know suffers from scoliosis, seek a Rolfer.  Or hell, just because if you’re like me, you’ll try anything to make it better, go get Rolfed.  It just might change your whole world. 


My body will over time return to it’s curved state if I don’t remain mindful and get Rolfed.  What’s all this got to do with your pain?  I’m just saying that if you seek, ye shall find.  Where there’s a will, there’s a way.  And you can start right now by Believing that life can be better.  Once freed from pain, the soul is able to look up, out and around, becoming part of the we over the me, me, me. 


Sit back, relax, breathe into your body.  Scan and find what ails you.  Recognize instead of ignore and mask with whatever your poison may be.  Acknowledge and then learn.  This is it.  One body is all we get.  Maybe we come back, luckily are born human again, but all we have is Now.  YOLO.  I’m going to change that to YOLON, you only live once now.  Why not make this now the best it possibly can be by removing pain so our spirits can look up higher.  Don’t be limited another moment.  Let the healing begin right now.  Only you can truly heal yourself, but of course you already know that.  Find that little light inside you, dust it off and watch it glow brighter and brighter, sending healing energy all through every cell of your body.  And then flowing out of you, into the chair, into the floor, into the ground, out into the room, into your fellow travelers, up above your head connecting to source.  Once you make that source connection, you’ve tapped into an infinite abundance of love, yours for the taking.  Make pain a thing of the past, now.  Find peace, enjoyment and ease in life.  We need you to so you can open to the world.  Pain keeps you closed and the world needs you open, shinning, beaming, loving. 


Sincerely Yours,

B. Wright